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Brand Identity, Web Design, UX

Helping create happier & healthier workplaces

The challenge

Luminate was set up to help dramatically improve mental health in the workplace by coaching business leaders to create the right environments and communities to encourage good mental health. A modern and unique wellbeing training consultancy that challenge perceptions on mental health, through engaging and thought-provoking workshops and training sessions.

Our approach

Taking advantage of the creative freedom we had been granted in conjunction with a detailed brief in terms of deliverables required, we were able to explore a number of design avenues for the initial round of potential brand identity directions. We needed to create something that was modern and fun whilst respecting the nature of the work Luminate does by keeping it professional at the same time - in doing so we worked hard to create a harmonious but unique brand identity.

The result

A full brand identity was created to reflect Luminate’s unique position in the market and ambitious vision, along with their bold, visually stimulating and modern content. A fresh, clean and positive colour palette was chosen to create a professional yet accessible feel. The final logo is modern yet timeless, and the website compliments the brand by following the same design path to maintain fluidity and recognition throughout the brand journey, regardless of where it starts. 


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